In Argentina, again reported the appearance of the water monster El Najuelito

(ORDO NEWS) — There are several bodies of water around the globe, around which there are legends about water monsters supposedly living there. One of them is the monster El Najuelito, which allegedly lives in Lake Najuel Huapi (Argentina), located at the foot of the Patagonian Andes in the national park of the same name. Not so long ago, there were reports of new encounters with this creature.

Who is swimming in the lake?

Myths about Najuelito were popular among the local Mapuche Indians, who called it El Cuero. In the middle of the 18th century, the then King of Spain, Charles IV, even ordered an expedition to search for Najuelito. But no monster was found in the lake.

The official record of Najuelito sightings dates back to 1910, when a certain George Garrett, while in a boat near the shore, allegedly saw a creature at a distance of about 400 meters from him, whose body length ranged from 16 to 23 feet, with a neck protruding from the water by about 6 .6 ft.

The natives told George that it was Najuelito. In 1922, Garrett gave an interview on this topic to the Toronto Globe newspaper, and subsequently organized a search for the monster, though unsuccessful.

In the same 1920s, the American Martin Sheffield claimed to have observed a giant creature floating on the water from the shore of a lake, with a long, curved swan-like neck. The creature itself, rather, resembled a crocodile.

Alas, Sheffield did not have a camera with him to photograph the incomprehensible creature, so he could only take his word for it.

In 1960, the team of a small warship that ended up in these places pursued a certain “unidentified underwater object” on the territory of the lake for 18 days, but they never managed to catch this creature, if it was alive, or at least identify it.

In 1988, a man brought photographs to the newspaper in the town of Bariloche in the province of Rio Negro, which clearly show an animal that looks like a snake. His mouth is open, and two humps stick out from behind. True, it was not possible to prove whether the picture is an original or a hoax.

On January 4, 1994, about 20 people witnessed how a mysterious animal swam across the lake, breathing heavily and inflating its sides, causing the water to swell.

Traces of the “descendant of dinosaurs”

In 1997, the Argentine caver Julio Aguaro decided to hunt Najuelito. But no matter how much he wandered along the shores of the lake with binoculars and a video camera, no matter how much he peered into the surface of the reservoir, hoping to see the outlines of a monster in the water, he did not want to show up.

However, in the end, the researcher managed to stumble upon rounded paw prints with a diameter of 50 centimeters. After analyzing the depth of the footprints and coastal sediments, Aguaro calculated that the weight of the creature that left the footprints must have been several tons.

And when he told the local police about the results of his research, they immediately confirmed that “someone is found” in the lake, and even talked about the fact that someone’s thunderous roar is regularly heard from there.

Intriguing videos

There are also very recent cases of sightings of Najuelito. So, on May 19 of this year, Fabian Cardenas, a resident of Bariloche, crossed the lake in a boat, heading to the Villa La Angostura, where he works. With him were his son-in-law Victor and cousin Miguel.

Admiring the surroundings, Cardenas photographed from a distance a certain object, which, as he believes, was a living being. The video was subsequently posted online.

On June 1 of this year, a woman named Silvina was relaxing on the lake with her family. About two kilometers from where they were, they saw a strange object the size of a large boat heading towards Victoria Island. But it wasn’t a boat.

Before the eyes of eyewitnesses, the object disappeared into the depths of the lake, leaving a mark on the water. Silvina believes that it was a living being. Local portal Carlos Paz Vivo posted a video taken by a witness on a mobile phone.

A mutant entertaining tourists?

By the way, there is a hypothesis that “Nahuelito” is not an ancient creature at all, but a representative of some known biological species that mutated as a result of nuclear experiments conducted either by German scientists in the 50s of the last century, or already in our time by employees of the nearby Bariloche Atomic Center. What about Indian myths then?

In general, who or what is captured in the photos and videos that have become public is not entirely clear. In the meantime, local authorities are doing business on tourists who are willing to buy T-shirts and souvenirs with the image of Najuelito.

They say that you can see the monster on the surface of the reservoir only in clear weather, and most often for some reason in March.


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