In Argentina, a giant swarm of mosquitoes formed a tornado

(ORDO NEWS) — An amazing phenomenon was recorded in Argentina on a smartphone camera. The man, driving from Buenos Aires, noticed a dark pillar in the distance. He thought it was a tornado, but it turned out to be a swarm of mosquitoes.

Having approached closer, the resident of Argentina realized that he was not dealing with a tornado, but he still wanted to leave as soon as possible. The city was taken over by a huge number of mosquitoes that appeared after the rain. There were so many insects that for joint movement they had to form a high tower.

The phenomenon turned out to be unusual and frightening, but the experts found an explanation for it. So, according to Howan Jose Garcia from the Center for Parasitological Research, the weather after rain is most comfortable for breeding. The large number of puddles allows eggs to be deposited in multiple locations.

Mosquito “tornado” is not dangerous for humans, damage can only be done to agriculture and animals. Residents were advised to close all windows and openings in houses for 15 days. Instead of following the advice, people demanded that the authorities get rid of insects.


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