In an Indonesian village, “bloody rivers” run through the streets

(ORDO NEWS) — After flooding the streets of the Indonesian village of Jenggot, the water sharply acquired a rich red color. As it turned out, there is no crime, the reason lies in a local textile factory.

Heavy rains have left a village in Central Java flooded. It should be noted that the residents are already used to this, but not to the red tint of the water.

Through a small investigation, it was found that water had entered a local textile factory and soaked the boxes of dye.

The village of Jenggot is located near the city of Pekalongan, which is famous for its hand-painting industry. There is not one plant in the region, but at least ten.

It rains in the region for about a hundred days a year. From time to time, colored patches are formed around factories, the color is green, purple and others. The new color shocked even the indigenous people. People are afraid that the photos from the village will be used for selfish purposes for hoaxes.

The fears are understandable: many people already thought that the water was colored by blood.

Officials noted that the dye will wash off with the rain, no additional measures need to be taken. The only thing is that sewage trucks have arrived from the city to collect water.

Wastewater is a significant environmental degradation. To this day, a system for cleaning them has not been installed, although conversations have been going on since 2018.


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