In Alaska, three volcanoes began to erupt at once

(ORDO NEWS) — Three volcanoes, which are located in Alaska and are part of the Aleutian Islands chain, began to erupt at the same time. Experts warn that this is far from the limit and two more volcanoes may soon become active. 

The last time an eruption was recorded by experts was about seven years ago. This is reported by Science Alert.

Volcanic activity has not yet caused any destruction, but everything can change at any time. At the moment, volcanoes in this area are at the orange hazard level. 

This indicates that the minimum amount of ash is emitted. At the same time, lava began to flow from Bolshoi Sitkin, which alarms many scientists. Semisopochnoi volcano showed strong seismic activity, and then there were several powerful explosions.

Such volcanic activity is common in this region. The Aleutian arc is a chain of volcanoes that are located at the boundaries of the Pacific and North American tectonic plates.

Often during an eruption, those volcanoes that are nearby become active, but no one can explain the reasons for what is happening. For example, in 1996, almost 870 km of the arc was affected, and many experts considered that this was not an accident.


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