In a piece of coal found door handles age of 300 million years

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — There are many artifacts that destroy the familiar history of mankind, compiled by scientists on the basis of numerous discoveries. One and the last very strange thing – door handles in a piece of coal. It would seem that this is unusual? It’s all about the age of cobblestones: coal is 300 million years old.

The find may indicate that in antiquity there were more advanced civilizations. It is possible that some of the modern achievements are only a legacy of the past.

300 million years ago, somehow, a pair of door handles fell into a coal seam, and then was “mothballed” underground. This is stated in the video published on the YouTube channel Mystery History.

Unfortunately, not a single find that violates our usual history has been investigated. Door handles are no exception. We do not know who is the creator of the artifact, which civilization was so highly developed. In order to really talk about the development of people in certain periods of time, we need evidence and confirmed facts.


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