Immunity to coronavirus disappears after six months disappointing findings of scientists

(ORDO NEWS) — Usually, in the case of a disease and successful cure, a person develops a stable immunity. Unfortunately, with coronavirus everything is completely different.

As the University of Amsterdam established, immunity to Covid-19 disappears within six months and the person becomes vulnerable again.

Researchers led by Leah Van Der Hawk have been monitoring the response of 10 men to 4 variants of coronavirus that cause a cold for 35 years.

According to the findings, reinfection occurred every three years. Re-infection occurred after a year, a significant decrease in the number of antibodies in the bodies of men was observed after six months.

A long study period made it possible to clearly establish what chances the body has to cope with the virus after a certain time. The chances of reinfection are increasing every month. Six months later, they are large enough for a person to catch the virus again.

So far, humanity does not have a clear idea of ​​how to cope with the strain. Vaccines are only at the stage of clinical trials, and the immune system, as it turned out, is not able to protect the body. It was reported that due to natural features, residents of Asian countries have 5 times higher chances of contracting infection.

Scientists so far can not say how to create collective immunity, provided that it is short for each individual individual. Today in the world there are almost 5.5 million patients, and fatal outcomes – 346 thousand.


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