Immune system remains abnormally active after COVID-19 for another 8 months

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from Australia published the result of another study, during which they were able to establish that patients with coronavirus have immune dysregulation for another 8 months from the moment of infection.

To date, scientists cannot say what is the reason for such changes that occur in the body. At the same time, experts note that they are not related to the severity of the disease that was transferred. It also does not affect the absence of symptoms or the duration of the illness.

For 8 months, the immune proteins in the blood of various types were monitored. They are called biomarkers. These proteins were needed in order for experts to be able to evaluate activity patterns over time.

The control group included not only people who had recovered from the coronavirus, but also healthy people. The researchers wanted to establish what kind of reaction occurred in the immune system for several months after covid.

In total, 147 patients were analyzed who were infected with coronavirus in 2020 and suffered the disease in completely different forms. Of these, 20% said they had noticeable signs of long-term illness with the virus.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that none of the participants in the study had previously been vaccinated.

Initially, experts were able to record changes that occurred immediately in 6 specific biomarkers. For about four months, their level remained almost the same in absolutely all patients who had previously had coronavirus.

After some time, their levels began to slowly decline in those who suffered the disease in a fairly mild form.

At the same time, two types of immune cells, called interferons, remained at a very high level for 8 months in those who faced a long course of COVID-19. The most striking changes could be seen in interferons of types 1 and 3.

In most cases, they occur as a result of a response to the presence of a virus in the human body and disappear completely after the final recovery.

The authors of this researcher are very hopeful that due to sufficiently high rates of vaccination, it will be possible to minimize activity patterns and make the disease shorter. It is worth paying attention to the fact that Omicron, which spreads very quickly between people, so far demonstrates quite the opposite.


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