Ignoring climate change will lead to extreme heat waves

(ORDO NEWS) — The consequences of such phenomena will harm both human life and the animal world. In connection with such changes, people will begin to massively change their place of residence, overall performance indicators will decrease, conflicts between individual representatives of society are possible.

Scientists who work at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry assure that everyone must respond to climate change and save the planet from irreparable. If we continue to pretend that everything is fine, then strong heat waves may appear. All these natural disasters will harm people in the first place.

The researchers decided to test this hypothesis. Therefore, they carried out a number of works in the MENA region. They developed forecasts that were developed for specific geographic regions. Next, the team set about forecasting heat waves, taking into account the heat wave index.

The results are as follows: an increase in temperature and the appearance of heat waves will occur in the second half of the century. People will be surprised, because they have not encountered such a thing before and it will be difficult to adapt to such a life, – commented on the progress of the research, his chief leader George Zittis.


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