If humanity disappears, which species will dominate ?

(ORDO NEWS) — Humanity has certainly had a huge impact on the environment, but our current claim to global dominance is based on criteria we ourselves have come up with.

For example, ants outnumber us, trees outlive us, and mushrooms outweigh us. Bacteria do win at once on all these points.

In addition, bacteria appeared four billion years before us and saturate the earth’s atmosphere with oxygen. Today there are about 5×10^30 bacteria on our planet, and their total mass exceeds the total mass of all flora and fauna.

Bacteria are so picky and fast-evolving life forms that they were able to populate the Earth from the stratosphere to the bottom of the oceans, and some types of bacteria are able to survive even in outer space.

If humanity disappears which species will dominate 2

Despite all our technologies and the development of medicine, bacteria every year destroy hundreds of thousands of representatives of our species, which imagines itself to be the “King of Nature”.

If or when humanity disappears, millions of years from now other species may take our place, but bacteria will continue to dominate this planet.


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