If black holes are “black”, then how do scientists know that they exist?

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The black hole cannot be seen due to strong gravity, which pulls all the light to the center of the black hole. However, scientists can see the effect of its strong gravity on the stars and gases around it. If a star rotates around a specific point in space, scientists can study the motion of the star to find out if it rotates around a black hole.

When a black hole and a star rotate close to each other, a stream of high energy arises, which scientific instruments can fix on the earth.

Gravity of a black hole can sometimes be strong enough to pull the outer layer of gas from the star and grow a disk around itself called an accretion disk. When gas from an accretion disk spirals into a black hole, it heats up to very high temperatures and emits X-ray light in all directions, which can be detected by terrestrial telescopes. Astronomers use this information to learn more about the properties of the black hole and the objects located next to them.


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