Ice skates made from animal bones more than 3,000 years ago discovered in China

(ORDO NEWS) — Skates made from animal bones over three thousand years ago were first discovered in China at an archaeological site in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region /Northwest China/, it became known at a recent meeting, which was devoted to archaeological work in Xinjiang in 2022.

According to Ruan Qiurong, a researcher at the Xinjiang Institute of Cultural Relics and Archeology and the head of the archaeological team, the skates were found in a large burial site dating back to the 16th-15th centuries BC. in the Nilka county of the Ili-Kazakh district, where excavations began in 2019.

Archaeologists have determined that the skates are made from the bones of cattle and horses, and their shape and structure are almost the same as those found in Europe.

The discovery provides new evidence for early regional exchanges in Eurasia and provides valuable insight into the origins of ice skating in China, added Ruan Qiurong.

In addition, dozens of wooden vehicle parts were found at the burial site, including 11 solid wooden wheels, as well as hundreds of fragments of pottery, stone tools, animal bones, and bronzes.


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