Ice melting at the poles distorts the Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts conducted a study that showed that the earth’s crust gradually recovers after the ice melts. At the same time, it is not always able to regain the ideally spherical shape that it originally possessed.

It is reported by Futurism.

High temperatures melt ice at the poles too quickly. This becomes the reason for the rise in the level of the World Ocean, which can soon lead to a change in coastlines throughout the planet. But the consequences for the Earth can actually be more catastrophic when you consider the fact that intense ice melting provokes a change in the shape of the earth’s crust.

Experts from Harvard University have found that it is difficult for the planet to recover in such a way as to have a spherical shape again without flaws. It was also possible to find out that in fact the deformation of the Earth is much greater than it was previously believed. Experts point out that this has a very strong impact on existing ecosystems over the past millennium.

As the climate continues to change and the ice is melting more and more rapidly, the effects of deformation, as well as the uplift of the surface, cause the landscape at the poles to become noticeably more complex. Sophie Coulson noted that it is very important to observe these processes, because this will allow you to control tectonic movements and predict in advance the possibility of serious earthquakes or other geological processes.


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