Ice cream won’t help you deal with a bad mood

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(ORDO NEWS) — Psychologists have concluded that ice cream or chocolate cannot improve a person’s mood. Having debunked this myth, scientists are suggesting that people limit their intake of unhealthy foods.

A group of American psychologists decided to confirm or deny the conventional wisdom that sweets and ice cream influence mood, helping to cope with stress (2014). During the study, a group of volunteers were asked to choose two types of foods: any food they like (muesli, fruit, sandwich, etc.), as well as those foods that, according to the participants in the experiment, improve their mood in a difficult situation. In the latter case, preference was mainly given to cookies, chocolate, sweets and ice cream.

Then the volunteers were shown a 20-minute video with a sad, heavy storyline, which made the audience feel bad. And after a few minutes, their mood was back to normal, no matter what food they ate.

Psychologists explain that, most likely, there is a connection between food and mood, but there is no need to consume unhealthy foods: the body, which needs to be “distracted” in a stressful situation, reacts equally to any food intake.

Meanwhile, the study was conducted in a laboratory setting. In the future, psychologists plan to conduct similar experiments in relation to situations in life.


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