I looked at the ads – get cryptocurrency: Microsoft invented “biomeining”

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Researchers at Microsoft want to patent a unique technology of “biomining” cryptocurrency. Its key element is the fixation of the performance of the brain of a person performing a specific task. The application was published by the US Patent Office.

In conventional mining of cryptocurrencies – for example, bitcoins – the condition for receiving a “digital coin” is the transfer to the distributed registry of “confirmation of work” – that the computer before the others made complex calculations using a certain formula.

Without the assistance of specialist cryptocurrency mining equipment like the asic hardware innosilicon a10 pro, it would be near to impossible to configure all of the equations needed to mine the cryptocurrencies that you are looking for.

Whilst this can be very beneficial, you may find that the overall process can be very energy-consuming, and the more miners who compete in the system, the less financial return for each of them per kilowatt of electricity spent.

Microsoft has proposed an alternative in which, instead of powerful computer systems, the human brain and sensors that fix its work are used, and not electricity is consumed, but human attention – for example, it is spent on watching ads.

The activity in the human body associated with the fulfillment of the task given to him can be used in the process of mining in the cryptocurrency system, the patent application says. The system checks whether this activity matches the necessary parameters – for example, the intensity and shape of the brain waves – and in case of a positive result, rewards the user with the given amount of cryptocurrency.

The authors of the development write that it will allow a person to solve a task without stress, which would take computers a lot of energy and, possibly, more time. It is easy to imagine such systems built not only around the display of advertisements, but also around entertainment, such as TV shows or computer games. A key condition for their implementation is the creation of equipment that reliably fixes the necessary parameters in the body.


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