Hyundai introduced a walking drone

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(ORDO NEWS) — Korean automaker Hyundai Motor Group has unveiled a new concept of a “walking drone” – a self-driving mobile platform that can move both on wheels and walking on four “legs.”

Unlike the previous apparatus of this type, the Elevate, the new TIGER X-1 (Transforming Intelligent Ground Excursion Robot) is so compact that it can be transported by a drone. The robot was developed in the California division of Hyundai – New Horizons Studio, specializing in unmanned vehicles.

As the head of New Horizons Studio, Jong Soo, told TechCrunch, the company intends to turn the current prototype into a ready-to-sell device in five years. In the next two years, “key technical problems” should be solved and a basic design created, and in 2023 and 2024 the first “beta versions” of the product will already appear.

The TIGER X-1 is based on a modular architecture platform and features a hybrid mobility system that includes “legs” for walking on rough terrain and wheels for moving on smoother surfaces. At the same time, the system can switch to “walking” mode at any moment, simply by encountering an obstacle in its path. The robot can move in any direction, for example, carrying small loads or observing.


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