Hypothesis aliens are disguised as the Loch Ness monster

(ORDO NEWS) — For most people, Loch Ness in Scotland is associated with a mythical monster called Nessie.

From time to time, researchers argue about whether this cryptid really lives in the reservoir (the so-called descendants of dinosaurs who supposedly could live up to our era), or driftwood and other inanimate objects floating in the lake are mistaken for it. However, as it turned out, Nessie is not the only attraction of those places… Right, we again have to turn to the field of myths.

So, even in the medieval era, local residents believed that kelpies lived in the depths of the lake – a water spirit that could turn into a horse. According to legend, the kelpie loves to lure people into the water, and then steals their souls.

Near Loch Ness there once stood a house called Boleskin House. Today, only charred ruins remain of it: in 2015, the building was destroyed by fire. The house is famous for the fact that at the beginning of the last century there was a residence of the British black magician and Satanist Aleister Crowley.

Since then, various anomalous phenomena, such as ghosts, have been repeatedly observed here.

Cryptozoologist Ted Holiday, who studied the phenomenon of Nessie, claimed that in 1973 he met a mysterious man on the lakeshore near Boleskin House. He was dressed in strange black clothes, as if made of leather or plastic, and his eyes were covered with black glasses. First, the stranger stood motionless on the grass, then suddenly there was a short whistle, and he simply disappeared. And was it a man?

The alien who turned into an owl

A woman named Maxine talks about a mysterious incident that happened to her in 2007. Once Maxine was walking her dog in the overgrown hills near the lake and saw a strange figure not far away. At first she mistook her for a child. But, approaching, I realized that it was not a human being at all.

He had a thin body, a large hairless head and large dark eyes. It fit the classic description of an alien very well.

For a while, Maxine and the creature looked at each other, then the creature extended its upper limbs and suddenly turned into a huge owl. The bird was almost human growth, in nature, of course, such does not happen.

Flapping its wings, the owl rose into the air, flew across the lake and disappeared into the thickets of trees on the opposite bank.

Aliens masquerading as Nessie?

Subsequently, Maxine told ufologists about her adventure. She even hypothesized that aliens, if indeed present on Earth, could transform into various creatures to make it harder to detect their presence. It can be both famous animals and creatures like kelpies or Nessie.

By the way, people who allegedly contacted aliens often talk about the fact that before contact, a large owl looked into their bedroom window. Remember from Twin Peaks: “Owls are not what they seem”?

However, it should be taken into account that eyewitnesses are not always able to objectively interpret what they see.

It is possible that all these people became victims of hoaxes or gave the phenomena they encountered an incorrect assessment. One way or another, the surroundings of Loch Ness still attract lovers of mysteries.


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