Hurricanes that hit the US helped discover a two-century-old relic

(ORDO NEWS) — Hurricanes Yang and Nicole, which hit the state of Florida in the USA, helped to discover a relic of two centuries ago – the remains of a 19th-century ship.

An object of wood and metal, two meters long, emerged from the depths of the sand in November, speculated to be a decades-old NASCAR racing grandstand or part of a pier.

Scientists excavated and found out that these are the remains of a merchant ship that sank more than a hundred years ago.

“This is a relic of a bygone era, where we rarely get to look,” said archaeologist Chuck Meide.

Experts took 22 wood samples for research to learn more about the find. Currently, the wreckage of the ship is once again hidden under the wet sand, it is costly to extract it, so it will remain in its place.

As Meide noted, in a humid environment in the absence of light, they can be stored almost forever.


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