Hurricane Larry has formed in the Atlantic: it may be more powerful than Ida

(ORDO NEWS) — An incredibly powerful hurricane Larry has raged in the Atlantic today, which may well exceed even Ida in strength. The entire east coast of the United States is in jeopardy, which could face dire consequences and widespread destruction.

This is reported by yahoo! News.

Just a few days after the end of Hurricane Ida, which caused a huge amount of destruction in several states at once, forecasters began to monitor another storm. It began to form in the Atlantic and is incredibly powerful.

Larry currently belongs to category 3 hurricanes, which may soon develop into 4. In this case, the wind speed will reach 210-240 kilometers per hour. If the speed is even higher, then Larry will become the worst hurricane in the Atlantic in 2021.

Presumably, for several days it will move along the open waters of the Atlantic, and then approach North America and Bermuda. Experts believe that the hurricane can bypass the United States, but it will still bring a lot of problems.

This year, 12 hurricanes have already been recorded in the region, and in recent years this is already the fifth unpleasant event. Experts note that in 2021 there was a noticeable ahead of schedule in terms of the number of storms. As a rule, only two events were previously recorded at this time, but this time hurricane activity is much higher than the established norm.


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