Hungry monkeys captured the Thai city

(ORDO NEWS) — Thousands of hungry monkeys have captured the Thai city of Lopburi and are organizing mass fights over food. It is reported by Newsflare.

Before the epidemic of the new coronavirus infection, hundreds of tourists visited the city every day, who fed the monkeys. In March, the flow of visitors dried up, and now the animals have nothing to eat. “Without tourists, they become more aggressive and fight with people for food in order to survive,” says veterinarian Supakarn Kaewchot. “They invade homes and force residents to flee.”

In a city with a population of 70 thousand people live about six thousand monkeys, which are divided into two warring flocks. One of them hunted in the temple, the other lived in the city itself. When the time of famine came, the temple monkeys began to make sorties in Lopburi and fight with the city.

To pacify primates, local residents began to give monkeys sweets and food. This led to the fact that animals began to breed faster and attack people more often. In the footage taken by eyewitnesses, one can see how they pester passers-by, take the mask from the boy, steal food from cars, fight and climb into the store. The city authorities began trapping and sterilizing monkeys.


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