Hunger is inevitable: swarms of locusts destroy crops across Asia

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In early 2020, locusts attacked all of East Africa. Now, the inhabitants of South and Central Asia are at risk of being left without food. Suddenly, whole clouds of locusts swam into the territory, they destroy everything in their path, reports WWW.PLANETANOVOSTI.COM portal.

Desert locusts that “cleaned up” Africa, Iran, Pakistan, India, the United Arab Emirates and other countries are able to live on all kinds of plants. A swarm of one square kilometer includes approximately 40 million special. They are able to eat such a volume of food as 35-40 thousand people. The swarms that are now in India are ten square kilometers. Locusts fly an average of 2 thousand km per life, in a day it overcomes about 150 km.

The circumstances are so aggravated that an emergency has been declared in India and Pakistan. The creatures “cleared” the fields in 60 districts of Pakistan. India no longer has some fields and gardens. Experts predict that a second influx of locusts will come from the Arabian Peninsula and African lands.

The threat of hunger also came to Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, although the authorities have not officially commented on anything. It is known that in the first state, locusts “occupied” 35 hectares of land in the Kerky region and in the east of the Lebap region.

Uzbekistan is actively preparing to protect crops from insects, which will come soon from Turkmenistan. Already there are reports of influx of pests in some areas.

There are a total of one hundred and fifty species of locusts, ten of which can cause significant damage to plant crops and gardens. The most common is Moroccan locust. Analysts in the field of agriculture say that this year pests will occupy an area of ​​554 hectares. Today, insects wield about 150 hectares of land.


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