Hundreds of eggs of giant dinosaurs were found in India

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the University of Delhi discovered at least 250 fossilized eggs and more than 90 dinosaur nests, the age of which is estimated at 67 million years.

In total, the researchers found 256 eggs and 92 nests of titanosaurs – the largest dinosaurs that once lived on Earth – and apatosaurs.

Some of the incubators discovered are the largest sites in the world where fossil eggs have been discovered. They were found at three sites in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat.

According to the scientists, they managed to find nests with one, two or four eggs and even one that contained 21 fossil eggs at once. And all this on a site with a radius of two kilometers.

“We found that most of the eggs were in close proximity, and given the tall stature of these dinosaur species, this suggests that the parents were probably unable to care for their offspring,” said Gantupalli Prasad of the Department of Geology at the University of Delhi.

He also added that other “incubators” were found along a line 900 kilometers from the first site. According to the scientists, this makes the discovered region the longest dinosaur nesting site discovered to date.

Another important discovery was a “pathological egg” with several shells.

This is the first case of discovery of a multi-layered reptile egg. This discovery will help scientists trace the similarities between birds and dinosaurs.

“Pathological eggs are usually observed in birds, when the egg returns to the ovipositor and another egg develops around it.

This usually happens when the animal is under severe stress, perhaps due to floods, volcanic eruptions, climate change, etc.

This discovery may establish why reptiles are actually more like birds,” said Prasad.


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