Humans can regenerate lost body parts like salamanders

(ORDO NEWS) — Regeneration is the ability of living organisms to recover from injuries. Lizards possess it, they can throw off their tail and grow a new one. An earthworm, if cut in half, will regrow the lost part. Scientists are confident that humans are also capable of regeneration. Reported by the Daily Mail.

Researchers have found that a person simply does not use this feature. But a person could even surpass the champion in regeneration in the wild – the axolotl salamander.

The study of this salamander was carried out by experts from the MDI laboratory in Bar Harbor, USA. The peculiarity of the axolotl is that it can restore almost any part of its body and even organs. At the same time, they do not even have scars.

It turned out that immune cells macrophages promote the growth of tissue cells. It is because of their activity that scars do not appear. In mammals, scars remain after any injury. It is they who block the development of regeneration. After a scar appears at the site of an injury, the brain blocks the recovery function.

If science could influence the reaction of the brain, a person could regenerate a lost limb. Research has shown that humans have untapped potential for amazing ability.


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