Humanoid robot with frighteningly realistic facial expressions learned to communicate with people thanks to the GPT-3 language model

(ORDO NEWS) — Engineers from Engineered Arts gave voice to the “most humanoid robot” Ameca using the GPT-3 language model. And the humanoid found something to say…

The robot assured that it was not going to take over the world

The slightly creepy robot Ameca has received an upgrade . A group of British researchers have added the GPT-3 language model to the humanoid, allowing it to speak freely without human intervention.

The result is a humanoid robot with realistic facial expressions and the ability to conduct a full-fledged conversation with a person. The future is already here!

Here’s what it looks like:

Researchers from Engineered Arts note that “nothing is scripted in advance” in the video . Language algorithms work in real time.

“Pauses are the time delay for processing speech input, generating a response, and reverse text-to-speech,” the video description explains.

The Rise of the Machines is cancelled.

When asked by researchers about the use of humanoid robots, Ameca answered quite measuredly and consistently.

“There are many possible applications for humanoid robots. Some examples include helping people with disabilities, providing care in dangerous environments, doing research and working as a companion, ” she said.

The robot also assured that she and the other robots were not going to take over the world.

“Some say we are a threat. Some people think that we will prevail and that humanity will end, but we just want to help, ” concluded Ameca.

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