Humanity is waiting for a record warm year in the next five years

(ORDO NEWS) — The head of WMO, Petteri Taalas, claims that the data obtained are just statistics that reflect the result of the ice melting process. The probability that in the next five years the air temperature will exceed the pre-industrial level of 40%.

This is reported by Associated Press.

The Paris Agreement was adopted within the framework of the UN convention. Its purpose is to unite the participating countries in order to stop global warming.

Countries under the Paris Agreement are already trying to prevent a possible temperature limit. If nothing is done, the temperature will rise by 1.4 ºС, Petteri is sure.

In the next 5 years, a year is expected to be warmer than 2016. Namely, it is considered the warmest at the moment. Meteorologists are confident that warming cannot be avoided.

Tazke Petteri said that in 2020 the temperature was 1.2 ºC higher than in the pre-industrial era. As you know, global warming is associated with the melting of glaciers. They increase the water level in the world’s oceans, heat it up. This increases the number of heat waves. Meteorologists also confirmed the fact that the drought in the south of the United States will continue in the future.


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