Humanity is much more progressive than many people think

(ORDO NEWS) — Recently, we published an article entitled “Four arguments in favor of the fact that humanity should be engaged in the search for aliens.”

Quite quickly, the material appeared on social networks, and one of the users commented: “Why? To them, we are underdeveloped savages.”

Yes, we do not know how to deal with the Earth and each other, we have a lot of prejudices and, globally, a rather low level of education, but calling our species “underdeveloped savages” is a huge mistake.

Our civilization is developing at some insane pace, but many do not notice this, if only for the reason that the duration of human life is quite short.

Just think about it!

In 1879, American inventor Thomas Edison patented the first charcoal light bulb, which lasted for a ridiculous 40 hours.

And after another 12 years , the first people stepped on the surface of the moon . Only 90 years passed between the invention of the light bulb and the landing on the moon!

What can our civilization achieve (if not self-destruct) by 2059, 90 years after the Moon landing? Everything suggests that we will ensure a regular presence of people on the Moon and Mars .

The technologies that we have today allow us to do incredible things, but we do not use them to the maximum for several reasons:

  • People do not trust each other, so most of the state budgets of major powers go to the arms race
  • We still divide each other by skin color, gender, religion and social status, which seriously hinders the unification in order to achieve common goals
  • People love money and prefer to live for today, so they don’t really want to develop science and technology in the name of some distant future that no one living today will find
  • People are rather cowardly, sentimental and too quickly attached to something (other people, place of birth, work, etc.)

Humanity is much more progressive than many people think 2

If our technology fell into the hands of bolder and more ambitious aliens, they could colonize much of the Milky Way in just a billion years , according to a new study.

Yes, a billion years is a huge amount of time, but given that the Universe is 13.8 billion years old, and there are about 400 billion stars in the Milky Way, this is perhaps not so long.

Everything that we already have today is suitable for the development of the entire Galaxy!


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