Humanity has been on the verge of self-destruction several times

(ORDO NEWS) — Life on planet Earth has recently come under threat. Sometimes mistakes and wrong decisions of just a few people can cause all living things to be wiped out from the face of the Earth. Deadly diseases, nuclear threats, problems with space exploration – there were a lot of threats.

It is reported by the BBC.

The conquest of outer space is one of the most controversial topics. First, we have already polluted space. Perhaps this rubbish one day will just fall to the ground one day. And then the catastrophe is inevitable.

NASA considered a similar scenario even during the planning of the Apollo mission to the moon. Then they studied the possibility of the existence of life on the Earth’s satellite.

There was also a risk of delivering deadly viruses to our planet from space, now unknown to us. How to deal with them is also unknown. Our viruses will not survive in space – there are no suitable conditions. But the likelihood that mortal danger will be delivered to us is very high.

The nuclear threat is another wake-up call. So 24 years ago, the heat from an atomic bomb explosion could burn through atmospheric oxygen and ignite the oceans. With such an outcome of events, humanity was doomed to death.

Given the fact that the strategies for protecting the planet in the event of some kind of global cataclysm, the Earth is under great threat. The famous philosopher Toby Ord argues that the risk of extinction of life is 1 in 100, but it could be higher.


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