‘Human eye’ discovered on Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — The European space agency ESA has published a picture taken on the southern highlands of Mars by the Mars Express orbiter. This image clearly shows a bizarre object that visually resembles a huge open eye.

According to the ESA website, the image was taken by the Mars Express orbiter on April 25, 2022. It captures a fragment of the colorful, by Martian standards, landscape of the Aonia Terra region in the southern hemisphere of Mars.

In particular, the device photographed an unnamed crater 30 km wide, located in the center of the image. It lies among a network of winding canals.

Probably, these are the dried up channels of the ancient Martian rivers. Scientists suggest that liquid water could flow through these channels about 3.5-4 billion years ago.

Some of them now resemble veins running through the “human eyeball”. Indeed, at a certain angle, the object captured in the picture can be visualized as a “human eye”. The reason for this is the play of light and shadows, which creates an effect known as pareidolia.

So scientists call a kind of visual illusion, due to which a vague image is perceived as something distinct. The most famous example of such an illusion is the famous “face of a man” on the surface of Mars. The face-like object was first photographed in 1976 in the Martian region of Cydonia.

A new image provided by astronomers clearly shows the varied colors of the surface around the crater. The researchers suggest that this region of Mars is made up of various materials.

Some of them have a “warm” red color, and the rocks closer to the crater have a darker brown color. The image also shows that this region has many hills that resemble bizarre stone towers.

Inside the crater, a dark field of dunes rests on a lighter surface. This means that there are many different materials.

They have different physical properties, hence the different color. All this together creates the impression that the Red Planet “sleeps with an open eye.”


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