Human DNA found in Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts analyzed seven paintings by the Italian artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci in order to find genetic material on them. According to scientists, the method will help in the future to distinguish original paintings from fake ones.

Experts conducted a study of the microbiome, which resulted in a unique collection of microbes, bacteria and even human DNA. Perhaps the genetic material was left by numerous restorers, or it actually belongs to a great artist.

Many microbes were found on the canvases that cause the destruction of the material. Studying them became an experiment to find out if invisible pests can tell their unique story.

According to the conclusions of scientists, most of the observed microorganisms and genetic material came after the death of Leonardo da Vinci, it happened more than half a millennium ago. Experts were surprised by the fact that the number of bacteria exceeded the number of fungi, although usually the opposite is true.

Traces were mostly left by people. Also some “contribution” to make flies. Traces of restorers, insects and environmental influences are invisible to the human eye. It is still difficult to say when the marks were left. The restoration of the artist’s works has been going on since the 15th century, so it is logical to assume that DNA belongs to different people. Scientists did not conduct a detailed analysis of the identity of the genetic material.

The experimental study of Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings has not been completed. New facts may emerge soon.


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