“Human bone” discovered on Mars: NASA commented on the find

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In 2014, the Curiosity space probe took a series of images that showed a very interesting object resembling a human bone. Pictures recently surfaced online again. As a result, users again started talking about the habitability of Mars.

In the pictures you can easily see an object that resembles a human femur. The remains lay in the middle of a pile of stones. The web immediately sparked controversy over the population of the Red Planet, which NASA quickly stopped.

The space agency a little disappointed fans of virtual archeology: as it turned out, the picture is not a human bone, but a stone of a very strange shape. Mars has a peculiar climate with strong winds and erosion. It was external factors that transformed one of the stones, which became similar to an element of the human skeleton.

Scientists noted that on the Red Planet, if there was life, it was only in the form of primitive tiny organisms. In the case of bone, the human brain also played a cruel joke: he always tries to find familiar outlines in unknown things. Some illusion was created under the name of idol.

Already it happened that on Mars allegedly found evidence of the presence of civilization. It happened in 1976, then a massive face sculpture was noticed. Later it turned out that the photo was just a rock formation.

The red planet is not suitable for life, since there is simply no water. When, as a result of atmospheric processes, it appears on certain areas of the surface, a maximum of six hours remains. No living creature with a complex structure can survive.


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