Huge structure discovered in space

(ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers from the University of Hawaii have discovered in space a new massive structure called the South Pole Wall. It is located at a distance of 500 million light years from Earth.

This intergalactic “wall” consists of a cluster of thousands of galaxies about 1.4 billion light-years long and is a semicircle with an arc of 200 degrees. The densest part of this structure is towards the South Pole of the Earth. Despite the fact that the “wall” is relatively close to the Earth, it could not be previously detected, since it is located in the zone of the so-called galactic blackout.

Researchers used the mapping method, which measured the peculiar speed of galaxies. And so the structure was identified and then its three-dimensional map was created. One of its arms extends in the direction of the constellation Ceti, and the other in the direction of the constellation Apus. Researchers believe that the “wall” can extend even further and go beyond the studied region. In addition, they called the approximate mass of the structure – it is about 100 million billion solar masses.

It is worth noting that the South Pole Wall is one of the ten largest scale space structures ever discovered. Among them can be called the Great Wall of Sloan, the Great Wall of Hercules-Northern Crown. Together, these walls form what astronomers call space networks.


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