Huge stone was pulled out of the bladder of a Vietnamese resident

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(ORDO NEWS) — X-rays of a 34-year-old woman walking with a huge stone in her bladder began to circulate quickly on Vietnamese social media. The operation was successful, the doctors were able to pull out the education.

Surgeons were surprised at the size of the formed body. Phu Binh, from Thaingguyen City, northeastern Vietnam, suffered from lower abdominal pain. When they became unbearable, the woman decided to see a doctor. The specialist immediately sent the patient for a computed tomography, which showed the presence of a stone 10 cm long.

The surgeons urgently operated on Fu Bin, and the 400 g mass was safely removed. The hospital staff had never seen anything like it, so they started taking pictures with such a large stone.

Commentators noted that they suffered from stones the size of a grain of sand, and here, without exaggeration, a whole boulder. Statistics say that the weight of stones in the bladder reaches 100 grams, but these are isolated cases. What then to say about our case?



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