Huge shark killed by an unknown predator larger than her

(ORDO NEWS) — Australian fisherman Sammy Hitzke caught a huge shark killed by an even bigger predator.

A huge thresher shark, caught by two friends off the coast of Australia, was killed by an unknown underwater predator that was larger than it.

A video of a half-eaten predatory fish was posted on Sammy Hitzke Fishing’s YouTube channel.

The video shows how the fishermen Sammy Hitzke and Sean Weil are trying to extract their catch from the water.

They struggled with the shark they caught for four and a half hours, and in the end their attempts were crowned with success.

When Hitzke pulled his trophy out of the water, it turned out that someone had bitten off huge pieces from the shark’s body.

“It’s epic, just epic. Three quarters of her body is missing. A real monster from the depths, ”commented the Australian.

It remains unknown who exactly killed the giant fish. “It looks like this shark was hunted by another,” Hitzke suspects.

Some YouTubers who have watched his video suggest that the shark could have been eaten by the squid. “Looks like a giant squid attacked the shark. The wounds do not look like those inflicted by another shark, ”wrote one of them.

Later, the fisherman called the half-eaten monster the main catch of his life. “I am completely exhausted, but this is probably the craziest thing I have ever seen in the ocean.

I do a lot of fishing and spend a lot of time in the ocean, but I never thought that I would find a thresher shark eaten by someone huge, ”he explained.

Since its publication, the video has received over 360,000 views and hundreds of comments. “I can’t even imagine how much muscle pain you experienced in the next couple of days,” one of them says.

“Wow! Not only the size and type of the catch are striking, but also the circumstances of the shooting, ”wrote in another.

Fox sharks, or sea foxes, live in both tropical and temperate waters. As a rule, they swim at a depth of about 500 meters in the open sea and only occasionally appear in the coastal zone.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of the Australian state of New South Wales near the town of Bermagi caught three sharks from the water, which were bitten by a larger predator.

The man had to give up such a catch, as he had a quota for catching small sharks, while there were larger predatory fish in the ocean.


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