Huge ozone hole appears over the Arctic

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Due to sufficiently low temperatures, as well as a strong polar wind, the ozone layer over the Arctic has been destroyed.

The ozone hole that has appeared may become the largest for all the time that experts are observing. In size, it can well compete with the ozone hole that occurs in the southern hemisphere every year.

Huge ozone hole appears over the Arctic
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Incredibly low levels of ozone were recorded in the very center of the Arctic in an area that is about 3 times larger than Greenland.

The hole does not affect the state of human health and should disappear in just a few weeks. Scientists from Oberpfaffenhofen are sure that this is the first time that you can really say about the ozone hole, and not its similarity.

Ozone begins to form at an altitude of 10-50 kilometers above the surface of the planet to protect it from dangerous ultraviolet radiation. Due to low temperatures, a huge amount of clouds accumulate in the Antarctic every year.

Those chemicals that are in them provoke the gradual destruction of the ozone layer.

This is very rarely seen in the Arctic, where air temperature changes several times more often, and the ozone layer is not so thin. But due to the fact that strong westerly winds lingered in the Arctic this year, a huge hole has formed.

Experts have warned that in the near future the hole may move slightly towards settlements, so people will need to use sunscreens to avoid getting burns.


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