Huge orange UFO was transported by truck to Area 51

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(ORDO NEWS) — The UFO hunter posted a rather strange video in which you can see the “alien ship”, which was transported near the mysterious Area 51.

The video shows a strange disc-shaped object. He was tied to the body of a large truck. But due to the fact that the video was of poor quality, it is very problematic to assert what kind of object it was.

Scott Waring in his blog talked about what kind of discovery he made the last time. He pointed to the truck the UFO was sliding off. He also stressed that everyone who saw this was shocking. He then suggested that the object was of extraterrestrial origin.

Waring added that this is not the first time a UFO has been transported in this way. If there are no military trucks or police cars on the roads, then such transportations attract much less attention. It is especially important not to attract public attention if the object needs to be transported over a short distance. In addition, the popular ufologist added that most likely the object will be directed to Area 51, but at the same time, he did not provide any evidence of his words.

“Unidentified flying object”, according to experts, can be just a huge tent or awning. Experts described what was happening as pareidolia. This is the phenomenon of recognizing objects in completely different objects. Representatives of NASA adhere to the same opinion, who either really have nothing to do with UFOs, or else they are trying to carefully hide everything from the public and curious “specialists”.


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