Huge number of UFOs are in the Earth’s atmosphere

(ORDO NEWS) — As I wrote earlier, without explaining the reasons, NASA turned off the live broadcast from the camera installed on board the ISS. This happened after this camera recorded the take-off of many UFOs from our planet, and then during the launch of the SpaceX rocket to the ISS, the cameras installed on the rocket already shot many UFOs.

After that, NASA, without hesitation, simply turned off the ISS camera (which flies in the upper layers of the Earth’s atmosphere), and the company Elon Musk began to conduct live broadcasts from its devices less often, but even when these broadcasts are still included not at all for a long time, in the frame always gets a lot of UFOs.

This happened quite recently, and since at the moment it’s practically impossible to see with our own eyes what is happening in our orbit, such direct connections always attract close attention and this broadcast is being recorded.

I don’t even have to describe for a long time what is happening in orbit. Just turn on the video and see for yourself. UFOs don’t even try to hide. Not! They fly along different trajectories, with different speeds, change the flight path and speed, fly close to the ISS and SpaceX devices.

Just watch the video – it’s impossible to explain what’s happening with anything earthly. These UFOs behave in a controlled, meaningful – reasonable manner.

Moreover, the most interesting is that all the UFOs currently observed, both from the earth and in Earth orbit, are of the same type.

I carefully follow the emerging information and videos regarding UFOs – for many years, and I can say with confidence that all those UFOs that were observed on the earth before, until May 18, flew away.

Their place was taken by other UFOs – spherical objects, sometimes oval, but they are all similar and do not shine with a variety of shapes. They are the same in the earthly sky and in orbit, like twins.

Moreover, judging by their manner of flight, or even rather by their manner of behavior, there is a feeling that this is actually not an aircraft in which there are pilots (crew), but this object itself is a living creature, but radically different from us.

These UFOs do not just fly, they really fly like living things. Moreover, they have few differences, only a slightly different shape and size. If the object is large, then it demonstrates the ability to be divided into several separate objects of a smaller size, but behaving meaningfully and apparently not losing their general connection with the object from which they separated, but at the same time fulfilling each of its goals.

I think we are currently dealing with the presence of extraterrestrial intelligent beings on our planet. And in huge quantities. But the way they behave and the opportunities they demonstrate show us that most likely these are not aircraft, but rational living beings, only they came to us not from the three-dimensional world, but from the world, at least five-dimensional.

They are so OTHER that I even doubt that they perceive the living beings of planet Earth as living, and even more so, as representatives of a rational race.

At the moment, judging by the behavior of these new guests from outer space, or, more likely, from another dimension, they are conducting research on our planet. Moreover, they do it so clearly that it becomes clear that they do not worry about that at all. whether earthlings see them or not. Based on this, I concluded that they simply do not see us as representatives of the intelligent civilization of this planet.

The most important question, in my personal opinion, is why those UFOs and, accordingly, those representatives of alien races who have been on our planet for thousands of years and behaved very restrained and made a lot of efforts to hide their presence here from people so quickly.

What scared them so much? The answer lies on the surface – these living creatures that are able to fly in outer space, intelligent, able to change shape and generally separate into separate objects that act separately, but are always under the control of a single mind of the original object – the body.

What’s next? This is the most important question for all of us. What will they do. If they are so OTHER, can they recognize us as an intelligent race? Why are they here? What do they want? What are their plans for the near future? Why do they need Earth?


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