Huge hail of more than 20 cm in diameter fell in Argentina

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — We’ve all been caught out by a hailstorm in the past. Whether it was a small and brief one or one that caused a considerable amount of damage. And it’s surprising how much damage hail can do. Each year, millions of people find themselves having to replace windows or fix windshields after a hailstorm has passed.

Of course, you can buy a Hail Car Cover, put cardboard against your windows, and get your roof checked out if you know a storm is coming but sometimes, they can be unpredictable and turn up seemingly out of nowhere. But let’s just hope we don’t need to deal with a hail storm as big as the one they recently have in Argentina.

A fresh article was published in the scientific journal Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, which states that a record-high hail fell in Argentina – the diameter of hailstones reached 23 cm.

By the way, the storm that caused the fall of the hail passed on December 27, 2018 – only now scientists have conducted a full-fledged study of this phenomenon and published the relevant material.

The diameter of hailstones ranged from 18.7 to 23.6 cm – this is a new world record, which previously belonged to a 20.3 cm degree, which fell near the city of Vivian, South Dakota.

“Such a well-observed case is an important step forward in understanding the surroundings and the storms that produce the gigantic hail.”

“Ultimately, this will allow scientists to anticipate such extreme events. A giant hail can be very common, and scientists need the help of volunteers who will publish photos of hailstones along with a ruler, measure its length,” said lead author of the study, Rachel Gutierrez.


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