Huge glacial tunnels discovered under the North Sea

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts used modern equipment to carefully examine the remnants of the glacial landscape that still remained under the North Sea. They managed to find huge channels that are almost 10 times wider than the Thames. It is reported by Geology.

During the observations, the experts applied 3D seismic reflection analysis. This technology is often used in order to conduct research at a sufficiently large depth. Scientists said that the tunnels were formed as a result of the impact of glacial rivers.

They once crossed part of the UK, as well as western Europe. Now these canals are located at a depth of several hundred meters and are reliably hidden under a layer of water.

The latest global cold snap caused the area between Norway and Scotland to be covered in ice. As the air temperature began to rise, the ice began to melt quickly and formed rivers, which created huge channels.

Exploring such ancient sites will enable scientists to better understand how ice sheets might respond to changing climatic conditions. The study authors added that the resulting studies will also establish what could happen to Antarctica and Greenland if the air temperature continues to rise.


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