Huge Bigfoot skull found in Canadian forest

(ORDO NEWS) — Some people are convinced that a “large primate skull” found in a Canadian forest could be proof of the existence of Bigfoot, although others are extremely skeptical. This is reported by the Daily Star.

A buzz has risen online over a potential breakthrough in Bigfoot hunting after a “large primate skull” was discovered in a North American forest.

The shocking find was made by Coyote Peterson, American YouTuber, wildlife educator and Animal Planet host Coyote Peterson.

He posted the photos on Facebook and explained that he found the skull during a recent expedition to British Columbia, Canada.

Huge Bigfoot skull found in Canadian forest 2

He wrote: “Kept this a secret for weeks… YES, I have a skull, it is currently in a safe place awaiting a primatologist examination.

Absolutely unreal… we thought it was a bear skull when we found it, I can 100% guarantee it wasn’t.”

“The skull was found partly buried underground in a deep forested gorge after a severe storm in the northwest of Pac, where a pile of trees and earth had apparently been disturbed.”

“I’m sure these photos will be removed… as will probably the videos by government or state park officials… but the skull is safe.

I don’t know if this is what you all think… but I can’t explain the discovery of a primate skull in Pac northwest without wondering!”.

Some people are convinced that this find proves the existence of Bigfoot.

One person commented, “I think the bigfoot mystery is finally solved.”

The second said: “What the hell is this animal. I’m very curious, I want to know what it is.”

“It could be the remains of a primate that escaped from a local nature reserve… or something remarkable,” said a third.

However, some believe that this is not a real skull.

One of them wrote: “Over the years we have cleaned thousands of skulls – skulls found cleaned by nature, like this one, almost always lose their teeth. It’s not a real skull, so his teeth didn’t fall out.”

“My guess is that someone in the area illegally adopted the gorilla and released it when it became evil, instead of calling the authorities because they would be in big trouble for it,” suggested another.


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