Huge “Bermuda Triangle” discovered in the Southern Hemisphere

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The latest analysis of satellite images by the European Space Agency showed that the magnetic anomaly in southern Africa not only began to move, but also divided into two parts.

In 2009, unexpectedly for everyone, the aircraft of the Air France company, which followed from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, disappeared from the radar. Only after some time, fragments were discovered in the ocean. As experts found out, the crash arose as a result of equipment failure.

Any equipment is sensitive to external factors, especially charged particles from space. Usually cosmic rays are restrained by the magnetosphere (they are neutralized already at an altitude of 60 thousand km). As a rule, they do not get below 1300 km from the Earth’s surface. In the South Atlantic anomaly, everything is different: due to the weakened magnetic field, charged particles approach the earth for 200 km.

At this altitude are satellites and low-orbit telescopes. Due to the negative impact, they very often fail.

A strong protective field is maintained only at the poles, while in other areas it weakens. For example, the South Atlantic anomaly is a gap near South Africa. In this area, there is practically no protection against cosmic effects, moreover, the anomaly is growing.

Today, scientists register two parts of the anomaly – the Brazilian and Cape Town. These changes indicate that another zone may soon emerge that will resemble the Bermuda Triangle.

The processes of magnetic field formation for experts remain incomprehensible and mysterious, therefore they cannot explain the changes. Scientists only note that anomalies are associated with a feature of the upper part of the cortex. It was found that the younger is less magnetized.


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