Huge asteroid is approaching the Earth the date of the approach

(ORDO NEWS) — 2008 GO20 is heading towards our planet, which is huge in size. Its length can be almost twice as long as that of the Big Ben tower. The flight speed of a space body reaches 8.18 kilometers per second and it will approach the Earth in July. The distance will be minimal.

This is reported by Express.

The length of the asteroid can be 92-210 meters. It is worth noting that the height of the tower located in the Palace of Westminster reaches only 96.3 meters. The convergence with our planet will occur at 15:13 on July 24. A cosmic body flies at a tremendous speed, which is 29.5 thousand kilometers per hour. The asteroid will fly up to the Earth at a distance of 4.91 million kilometers. At the same time, experts say that such a distance is completely safe and our planet is completely safe.

NASA specialists include those asteroids that have certain parameters among potentially dangerous space objects. Their diameter should be more than 140 meters, and the minimum approximation to our planet is 7.5 million kilometers. Despite the fact that there is no threat to humanity from the July asteroid, such objects are very closely watched. They regularly approach the Earth and at any moment can change their flight trajectory so that there is a threat to the planet.

The next time asteroid 2008 GO20 will approach us only 13 years later at the end of July. The distance will also be short, but completely safe. The cosmic body will fly by at a distance of about 4.54 million kilometers.


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