HUGE asteroid is approaching Earth: NASA told about the risks

(ORDO NEWS) — The asteroid, which is almost twice the size of a blue whale, will fly too close to our planet this weekend. Due to this, NASA will be able to study the space object in more detail.

The asteroid is 37 meters long, which is about one and a half times longer than the length of the blue whale – the largest creature on Earth. NASA also added that the object is flying at a tremendous speed – about 40 thousand kilometers per hour. Because of this, he can fly around our planet literally in an hour. Asteroid 2020 OL4 will allow experts to learn more about how the solar system formed.

The chances that a collision will occur are very small, but still, NASA experts are confident that if this happens, the consequences will be catastrophic. That is why scientists are already working out a plan on how to destroy asteroids that could harm our planet and humanity.

To date, a thorough study of the asteroid Bennu is being carried out, on which a spacecraft called OSIRIS-Rex landed last year. The spacecraft was aimed at an object 500 meters long in order to obtain as much new information about the asteroid as possible.

NASA believes that a space object that could cause the destruction of our planet could literally hit within the next 120 years. The next flyby of a potentially dangerous asteroid for the Earth will take place in 2135. At the moment, you should not panic, because the risk of collision is very small. But you need to be ready for anything, because the situation can change very quickly.


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