Huge American cockroaches captured Sochi

(ORDO NEWS) — Residents of Sochi are increasingly complaining about the unusually large cockroaches that they meet in their homes and on the street.

According to Sochi residents, the body length of insects reaches 5 cm, and with a mustache – over 9 cm.

Thus, the fears of entomologists of the Sochi National Park were confirmed. Three years ago, scientists announced the appearance of American cockroaches in the resort, which are the largest cockroaches in the world.

– For the first time three years ago, these pests were seen in the area of ​​Moskovskaya Street. By 2021, their habitat has expanded American cockroaches have already been seen on Tsvetnoy Boulevard and even in the Novaya Zarya microdistrict.

These cockroaches fly perfectly, so the actual area of ​​the city’s population can be much larger, said Deputy Director for Science of the Sochi National Park Boris Tuniev.

Outwardly, this species resembles the usual red cockroach, but is five times larger than the Prusak in size.

He loves warmth, and therefore he quickly settled in and spread in subtropical Sochi. Here it can be found both in buildings and in the natural environment.

During the day, it hides in damp and dark shelters, preferring rotting wood and even the axils of large palm leaves.


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