Hubble took one of the greatest shots

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(ORDO NEWS) — The Hubble Space Telescope took stunning photos of many galaxies during its long stay in orbit, but the above image, which NASA chose to demonstrate, is a real work of art.

The galaxy that you see is called NGC 2275, and this is not a very memorable name, but the abundance of young stars and its delicate, “feathery” pattern are really worth seeing.

The outer ring of the galaxy, with countless young stars depicted as blue in the picture, and materials such as gases and dust.

This is a galaxy that is actually just beginning to develop, and is located at a distance of about 67 million light years from Earth. An incredible distance, and it makes this amazing image even more wonderful.

The galaxy does not have clearly defined “sleeves” like our Milky Way, but it is considered a spiral galaxy because of its clear spiral structure.


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