Hubble telescope captures a star on the verge of collapse

(ORDO NEWS) — The Hubble Telescope recently celebrated its 31st birthday. Yes, telescopes also celebrate birthdays and a magnificent picture of the giant’s star was taken in honor of this event. In the picture you can see the super bright star AG Carinae. The celestial body is located 2000 light years from us.

The star is now unstable, in the phase of the blue variable – “LBV”. During this stage, massive stars have been in instability for millennia. Compared to our Sun, AG Carinae is a real giant. It is 70 times larger and 1 million times brighter. Now this celestial body is on the brink of destruction. Gravity and radiation pushing inward can cause it to explode at any moment.

Around the star is a giant cloud of fog, which is composed of gas and drank. It is a full five light-years across. Incidentally, this is exactly the distance between Earth and Alpha Centauri. The ejection at AG Carinae occurred several years ago, in the image you can see the red glow – this is this explosion. It consists of clumps of stardust.

The blue shapes are the dust sculpted by the wind, and the blurred spots are the area through which the winds burst. Such outbreaks and explosions occur throughout the entire life of the planet. The scale of cosmic bodies is very difficult to imagine for any person.

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