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Hubble telescope captured the galaxy NGC 1961

Hubble telescope captured the galaxy NGC 1961

(ORDO NEWS) — In this recently released image from NASA‘s Hubble Space Telescope, the galaxy NGC 1961 unfolds its magnificent spiral arms, dotted with blazing bright young stars.

The galaxy is located about 180 million light-years away, in the constellation Giraffe.

NGC 1961 is a transitional spiral galaxy with an active galactic nucleus (AGN). Transitional galaxies occupy a place in the classification between barred and unbarred spiral galaxies.

This means that in the center of such galaxies there is no clearly formed bridge consisting of stars.

AGN galaxies have very bright centers that often outshine the rest of the galaxy. These galaxies likely have supermassive black holes at their cores that blast out bright jets and winds that influence their evolution.

NGC 1961 is a fairly common type of AGN that emits low energy charged particles.

The data used to create this image was obtained from two studies. One of them deals with previously unobserved Arp galaxies, while the other studies supernova explosions.


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