Hubble Space Telescope sent an image of the galaxy LEDA 48062

(ORDO NEWS) — This image taken by the Hubble Space Telescope shows the LEDA 48062 galaxy, located in the constellation Perseus.

LEDA 48062 is a faint, sparse, amorphous galaxy. It is on the right side of the image. Its more clearly defined neighbor to the left is the large disk-shaped lenticular galaxy UGC 8603.

A small number of more distant galaxies dot the background.

Hubble recently spent some time studying our galactic neighbors. LEDA 48062, which is only 30 million light-years from the Milky Way, was included in the Every Known Nearby Galaxy observation campaign.

The goal of this campaign was to observe every known galaxy within 10 megaparsecs (about 33 million light years) of the Milky Way.

By getting to know our galactic neighbors, astronomers can determine what types of stars are in different galaxies, as well as map the local structure of the universe.


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