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Hubble has discovered the most distant star

Hubble has discovered the most distant star

(ORDO NEWS) — The Hubble Space Telescope has discovered the most distant star, which is 50 times the mass of our Sun and millions of times brighter. This amazing discovery was announced by NASA on March 30.

Named by scientists, the star Earendel existed for the first billion years after the birth of the universe, which occurred 13.8 billion years ago. The light from it began its journey even before the birth of our Sun.

“The newly discovered star is so far away that it took 12.9 billion years for its light to reach Earth, and it looks the way it did when the universe was only 7 percent of its current age,” the official Hubble page says.

The research team believes that Earendel is about 50 times the mass of the Sun and millions of times more luminous, while rivaling the most massive stars known.

A team of scientists led by Brian Welch of Johns Hopkins University used a cluster of galaxies as a natural “magnifying glass”. It forms a natural magnifying glass that distorts and greatly amplifies light from distant objects.

Speaking of the opening, Brian Welch said, “It’s like we’ve been reading a really interesting book, but we started with the second chapter and now we’ll have a chance to see how it all started.”

Earendel will soon be observed with the Webb Telescope. The high sensitivity of the Webb telescope to infrared light will allow us to learn more about this star. The fact is that due to the expansion of the Universe, its light passes into longer infrared wavelengths.

According to team member José Maria Diego, “Webb’s imaging and capabilities will allow us to confirm that Earendel is indeed a star and determine its age, temperature, mass and size.”


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