Hubble captures barred spiral galaxy NGC 6956

(ORDO NEWS) — The bright curls of the spiral galaxy NGC 6956 stand out against a dark background.

This galaxy is located at a distance of 214 million light-years from us in the constellation Dolphin. NGC 6956 is a barred spiral galaxy with bright stars.

Scientists used the Hubble Space Telescope to image NGC 6956 to study the cluster’s Cepheid variable stars.

Since the period of Cepheids depends on their brightness, scientists can determine how bright these stars appear from Earth and compare their measurements with the actual brightness of these stars to calculate their distance.

Cepheids are also used to determine the distance to other space objects.

The galaxy NGC 6956 also contains a Type Ia supernova, which is also used by scientists to calculate distances.

Scientists can use measurements from Cepheids and Type Ia supernovae to refine the expansion rate of the universe, also known as the Hubble constant.


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