Huawei may release a cheaper flexible smartphone in the fall of 2020

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The first devices with folding screens turned out to be very expensive, and it is not surprising – the technology is new in the consumer market. However, the farther, the more accessible such devices should become.

A rumor appeared on the network that Huawei could release a cheaper flexible smartphone in the fall of 2020.

About this writes PhoneArena, referring to the head of Display Supply Chain Consultants Ross Young (Ross Young).

According to his information, Huawei will release an inexpensive smartphone with a flexible display this fall along with the new Mate 40 series. It is reported that the design of the new device will be different from the design of the models Mate X and Mate Xs.

Recall that the Huawei Mate Xs was priced at about $ 2,700. Therefore, even a $ 2000 device will be considered much more affordable.


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