How women were “protected” from pregnancy in ancient times

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(ORDO NEWS) — Ancient Roman doctors recommended having sex in the middle of a woman’s menstrual cycle, which guaranteed a zero chance of getting pregnant.

Perhaps this was one of the most useless and even harmful advice, since today we know that the middle of the menstrual cycle is the most “dangerous period”, which very often leads to pregnancy.

In addition, doctors often advised women all sorts of “contraceptive” creams and lotions (recipes, fortunately, have not reached our days), which needed to be inserted into the vagina. Of course, the benefits of all this were extremely dubious.

Hippocrates’ advice to women and menstruation

Hippocrates (460 BC – 370 BC), “the father of medicine”, argued that a woman who does not want to get pregnant should jump up and squat several times after intercourse so that her buttocks touch her heels …

It is worth mentioning that ancient people had a very inadequate attitude towards menstruation. For example, Pliny the Elder, an ancient Roman erudite writer, mentioned in his works that a bleeding woman can scare off storms, hurricanes and lightning.

And if such a woman walks naked across the field, then all the worms (pests) will fall from the grain. Pliny’s “colorful” descriptions, based on unhealthy fantasies, show us what an absurd reality women had to live in in ancient times…


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